Be Equipped 

Matthew Cliff
The Apostle Paul writes that the ‘Gospel’ is the power for salvation (Rom 1:16). Therefore, if salvation depends on this Gospel, surely it is paramount we have the correct understanding of what this Gospel is? In this session we will take a closer look at what the Gospel message consists of and how this message shapes the life of both a believer and a Church.
Matthew Cliff
Many topics whether ethical or doctrinal appear complex and overwhelming. Tragically, this means that many Christians shy away from these types of topics. However, in this session we will seek to demonstrate how having a clear method can be beneficial in helping reduce and navigate through some of this complexity.
Matthew Cliff
Nowadays authority appears to be a despised word. However, everyone, whether they are aware or unaware live with a certain authority that controls the decisions they make. Christians are no different. Therefore, in this session we examine the primary authority source for Evangelical Christians – the Bible.


Matthew Cliff, 05/02/2020