Chenies Link
Chenies Link is a ministry within Chenies Baptist Church that has a specific purpose of enabling us, as a local worshipping community, to develop deeper relationships with our current and prospective partners who have been sent to advance the Gospel within there chosen contexts, whether in the UK or abroad. 

Below are a selection of our Chenies Link partners:

The Calverts: France


Peter & Rachel Calvert are working with a Church planting team in the historic town of Blois, in the Loire Valley. Their main focus for outreach in town is a small art gallery, a place where local people can drop in to chat and have a coffee, and if they wish, to read the Bible or to pray with someone.

Peter serves locally in a Christian scout ministry, and on the leadership team of Interaction Camps. Rachel is involved in the team which co-ordinates "Theocentre", providing resources to help and equip and multiply leaders in local Churches in the Central Region of France. Peter and Rachel have three daughters who were born while they were working as Church planters in the city of St-Etienne, near Lyon. 


The Burts: South Africa


Following a short-term trip to South Africa, Alun and Debbie returned to serve there long-term in 2008. Their ministry includes serving at St Thomas Church, Heideveld and working with Arise - a Christian organisation that helps vulnerable children. 

St. Thomas Church is in the heart of a community deeply affected by drugs, gang culture and the legacy of apartheid. Alun teaches the Bible in Sunday services and disciples young men. At Arise, Debbie raises the profile of fostering and adoption in the local Church and supports families that have taken these steps. They have four children: Likhona, Ilana, Malachi and Timothy. 


The Knowlsons: Spain 


We have been working in the Penarroya Church plant since 1995. There is now an established group of believers meeting regularly for worship, prayer, study and fellowship. We have Bible study groups in different towns in the Alto Guadiato as some members from the Church live in the nearby towns of Espiel, Fuente Obejuna, and Azuaga. Specific Evangelistic activities throughout the year support the day to day witness of the believers and the Church community is slowly making an impact in the town.

There is a second-hand clothes store which opens each week to provide for needy families, something practical we are able to do in this time of tremendous economic recession in Spain. We considered how to extend the testimony of the Church in this valley and so we moved to nearby Azuaga in the autumn of 2016. We maintain our work in Penarroya whilst living and making contacts in this second town. 


If you would like to know what is involved in becoming a Chenies Link partner then first please read through this document which provides a break down of how our partnership scheme works and then please email


Matthew Cliff, 14/09/2020