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Mini Church is a safe place for children to learn the good news about Jesus Christ within a fun, engaging and child-centred environment. The vision for Mini Church, first and foremost, is to be a place where children want to be! We want children to experience the extraordinary, extravagant love of God and have bags of fun in the process.
The time the children spend in Mini Church should be both relevant for their lives now and provide a solid, foundational preparation for their futures. Likewise, it will help prepare them to make a natural transition into adult Church.
It must be a place where, in community with others, they feel safe, valued and can celebrate who God has made them to be. Their gifts and talents will be encouraged, and opportunities given for them to grow and serve in the Kingdom of God.
Through song worship, prayer and Bible teaching we pray they will enjoy the awesome presence of God. We hope that they will see that He is good and develop an appetite to know Him more!

Key Values

§  To meet with the living God through song worship, prayer and Bible teaching.
§  To learn how to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and what it means to have a personal relationship with Him.
§  To learn to love and memorise the Bible.
§  To be individually treasured.
§  To have fun
§  To be safe

For more information regarding Mini Church, please email info@cheniesbaptist.co.uk
Matthew Cliff, 23/10/2020